Each and every year more than 1,000 people in Belgium get to hear they need a new organ. An organ transplant is their only chance. Such a transplant is very demanding to the body and the transplanted. Yet after a transplant many amongst them are able to lead a quite normal life, a healthy lifestyle being essential. Transplantoux wants to be a support to the transplanted and raise awareness around the theme. The transplanted are encouraged to move healthily and practice sports. By keeping their new organ in good shape they also pay a fine tribute to their anonymous donor and encourage non-transplanted to live and move healthily. Transplantoux with patron Stan Van Samang are honored to be able to take part in the unique Leuven Christmas market.

Please visit our website or our facebook page or drop by our stall during the Christmas market. We are at the entrance of Sint-Donatus town park.


Leuvense Kerstmarkt vzw

Oude Rondelaan 58

3000 Leuven

T. 016 23 71 41

Illustraties Jean-Pol
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