Grondplan De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2017 St-Donatuspark




The 30th edition of Leuven Christmas market promises to become a special edition. A unique one to eagerly look forward to. Just this once the market is relocated towards the town park, which as such is already the coziest park in town. For this occasion a new concept has been developed for Ladeuzeplein.

Usually, Leuven Christmas market is rather conservative. So, why change a winning team? Due to construction works at Herbert Hooverplein the organization has no other option than to move.  The authentic Christmas market - just this once – is relocated towards the Sint-Donatus town park, promising even more atmosphere and coziness.  

Yet there is more! Ladeuzeplein will not be left behind empty, of course. On the contrary: the square gets a new interpretation for this 30th edition and will become a Provencal Christmas market. Think of a combination of a southern Christmas market and a foodie market… supplemented with a skating rink and children’s animation. But there is more still! Ladeuzeplein will be draped in a magic fairylike glow. It promises to become a mesmerizing experience!

If you were already a fan of Leuven Christmas market – not elected as the coziest in Europe by coincidence – make sure you don’t miss out on this 30th edition!  Because apart from the novelties our Christmas market is still guaranteed to offer a fortnight filled with authentic and high-quality Christmas fun.


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Illustraties Jean-Pol
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