De Leuvense Kerstmarkt 2018





After having been relocated to the city park due to the construction works on the Hoover Square, the Leuven Christmas Market returns to its original location: the Ladeuze Square and the Hoover Square. Back to the roots!


But with some changes... Indeed, this 31st edition will get a whole new layout, making extra space for no less than 170 stands. 


This year, all the ‘food’ stands will be manned by associations promoting “mom’s kitchen”. So, no traditional bar/restaurant stands as it used to be before, but freshly cooked meals prepared by local associations. It will be finger-licking good! 


For a number of years now, the Leuven Christmas Market invites you to discover the flavors of the Provence and experience the atmosphere of a real Provence market. A kind of a ‘market-into-a-market’, located in the middle of the Hoover Square. This year, the Provence will still be guest of honor but will be providing a more exclusive range of articles such as the famous ‘Santons’, the small hand-painted terracotta nativity scene figurines, and typical Provence household linen and pottery.


The organizers of the Leuven Christmas Market always do their utmost to improve the warm and cosy atmosphere. To achieve this goal, the tents will be replaced by wooden constructions to enhance the Finnish look and feel.


Also new are the two ski lodges where you can experience the real ‘après ski’ atmosphere. 


And last but certainly not least, the Christmas market will get a whole new lighting setup, that will plunge both squares in the center of town in a magic, fairy tale like atmosphere.

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